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"We donate 3% of our profits to charity"

"We come to YOU"

"Repair not Replace is the new name for Phone Paramedics"


Its great when your next repair is already paid for

Create an account and top it up each month, use the money to pay for your repairs or phones. Take back the money if you need it, no charges, its your money.

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How It Works


You create a subscription on our system, for £5 a month, £10 a month or £20 a month, you choose. The money is put into a ring fenced client account, as it is your money. Our system tracks the amount you have in your account. If you need it back you can have it transferred back to you within 48 hours. Leave it in to pay for your repairs and phones or take it back if you need it one month, its totally your choice. Get your balance by texting Account to 078 58 58 68 68. This way you don’t get any nasty shocks with big bills if you break your phone or tablet, you can use the money in your account, and account customers automatically receive £5 off every repair.

Is my money safe?

Yes it is put into a separate account a client account, there are strict rules regarding client accounts. This is your money not ours. No interest is earnt on any money.

Can I stop at any time?

Yes you can cancel the subscription at any time if you need a break and restart it again anytime to. Its flexible.

Is this better than insurance?

You have to make your own decision about what is best for you, this is not insurance. If there is not enough money in your account to pay for your repair you would need to pay the difference by other means. As this is not insurance, there is no excess, you can use our 1 hour service, no sending off your phone for 2 weeks, plus if you want your money back, any unused you can have back, so you are not paying for months and sometimes years and never claiming and the money is lost. Its still there for you.

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We cover the following range of services in Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering, Daventry, Milton Keynes, Bedford and surrounding areas:

  • Samsung repairs
  • iPhone Repairs
  • ipad screen repairs
  • ipads not charging
  • iphone screen repairs
  • Software
  • iPhone and Samsung screen repairs*
  • Battery Faults
  • Earpiece
  • Microphone
  • Broken screens
  • Charging ports

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We will replace your iPhone or Samsung screen and give you a warranty on the repair for 12 months.

mobile phone repairs rushden, mobile phone repairs wellingborough, mobile phone repairs daventry



We can come direct to your door in our repair vans.


Most repairs can be done in under 1 hour outside your home or office.


Our repair vans cover Northampton, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Rushden, Kettering and surrounding areas


Best for


  • iPhone repairs Rushden
  • Mobile phone repairs Rushden
  • Apple battery replacement Rushden
  • Apple iphone screen repair Rushden
  • iPhone charging port repairs Rushden
  • iphone microphone repairs Rushden
  • iphone speaker repairs Rushden
  • iPhone repairs Daventry
  • Mobile phone repairs Daventry
  • Apple battery replacement Daventry
  • Apple iphone screen repair Daventry
  • iPhone charging port repairs Daventry
  • iphone microphone repairs Daventry
  • iphone speaker repairs Daventry
  • iphone screen repair Daventry
  • iphone screen repair Daventry
  • iPhone repairs Corby
  • Mobile phone repairs Corby
  • Apple battery replacement Corby
  • Apple iphone screen repair Corby
  • iPhone charging port repairs Corby
  • iphone microphone repairs Corby
  • iphone speaker repairs Corby
  • iPhone repairs Towcester
  • Mobile phone repairs Towcester
  • Apple battery replacement Towcester
  • Apple iphone screen repair Towcester
  • iPhone charging port repairs Towcester
  • iphone microphone repairs Towcester
  • iphone speaker repairs Towcester
  • iphone screen repair Towcester
  • iphone screen repair Towcester


All our mobile workshop vans have the latest equipment and all technicians are highly trained and are criminal record checked so you know your device is in safe hands.


We can be booked to come to your door at a time and location which best suits you.


All repairs come with 12 months warranty.


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If you book a repair within the next 60 minutes, use coupon code – Jan20 to get £10 off.

Did you know we buy broken iphones? Text – Price to 078 58 58 68 68 to get a price.

If you need a price please click on the red banner – See our Repair Prices & Book A Repair.

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