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"We donate 3% of our profits to charity"

"We come to YOU"

"Repair not Replace is the new name for Phone Paramedics"



Keep your Work Mobile Phones & Tablets downtime to a minimum.


Discounts for business customers


We Repair On Site In Our Vans In 1 Hour.


Also Macbook, Surface Pro, Laptop, Chromebook, Macbook Pro Repairs. We Come To You.

Pay On Account – No retainers and no minimums. Use us on site when you need us.

For more information on our Business Accounts please contact us on 0800 047 2047 / 01933 225958 or email us below

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  • Repair Not Replace offer Business Contracts to companies of all sizes from sole traders to large ltd / plc companies.
  • Our business contracts mean you can pay on account for all your mobile phone or tablet, Surface Pro, Macbook, Macbook Pro, laptop repairs.
  • Depending on when you have your on site repair done, you can have up to 30-45 days to pay. We offer itemised billing.
  • Have your mobile phones and tablets, computers fixed same day or within 2 days at your premises or staff’s homes.
  • Discounts on repairs subject to terms.
  • Get phones and tablets, Macbooks, laptops back up and running same day with a repair.
  • Repairing a mobile phone or laptop, Macbook Pro is much better for the planet than buying a new one and shows your commitment to helping the environment. After 10 repairs we send you a certificate of your commitment.
  • Helps with WEEE as you are repairing not disposing.
  • To get more information on setting up a business account please email
  • Reduces time and cost in having to buy and set up new devices
mobile phone repairs kettering, mobile phone repairs rushden, mobile phone repairs northampton

You can apply for more information on our business contracts at the bottom of this page or email There is no forms to fill in, just a simple email so it is easy to set up a business account with Repair Not Replace.


You book online using your account number, choosing a time to suit you.  Repair Not Replace will then send out a fully equipped repair van normally same day. We repair your Surface pro, Macbook, Mobile Phone, iPad in our vans outside your premises or the home address of your staff, whichever you prefer. We then will send you an invoice at the end of the month with another 30 days to pay. It is easy to repair your mobile phones and tablets, laptops, Surface Pros, Macbooks, Macbook Pros, iMacs without having to leave your premises.

There is nothing to pay there and then, it will be charged to your account. We invoice you once a month with 30 days to pay each month. If there hasn’t been any repairs, there is nothing to pay, you only need to call us out when you need us.


If you prefer to pay straight away, and do not want a business contract, then you can pay online upfront or we accept credit or debit card payments on our vans, they all carry chip and pin machines. Sorry we do not take cash.

samsung s7 screen replacement, samsung s8 screen replacement, samsung galaxy s9 screen replacement

We offer discounts to Business Customers 

We carry out phone repairs, computer reapirs at your door in our custom van throughout the Northampton, Milton Keynes, Wellingborough, Kettering and Bedford area.

We cover the following range of services in Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering, Daventry, Milton Keynes, Bedford and surrounding areas:

  • iPhone repairs Northampton
  • Mobile phone repairs Northampton
  • Laptop repairs Northampton
  • Macbook repairs Northampton
  • Macbook Pro repairs Northampton
  • Surface Pro repairs Northampton
  • Chromebook repairs Northampton
  • Apple battery replacement Northampton
  • Apple iphone screen repair Northampton
  • iPhone charging port repairs Northampton
  • iphone microphone repairs Northampton
  • iphone speaker repairs Northampton
  • iPhone repairs Milton Keynes
  • Mobile phone repairs Milton Keynes
  • Apple battery replacement Milton Keynes
  • Apple iphone screen repair Milton Keynes
  • iPhone charging port repairs Milton Keynes
  • iphone microphone repairs Milton Keynes
  • iphone speaker repairs Milton Keynes
  • iphone screen repair Northampton
  • iphone screen repair Milton Keynes
  • Macbook repairs Milton Keynes
  • Macbook Pro repairs Milton Keynes
  • Laptop repairs Milton Keynes
  • iPhone repairs Kettering
  • Mobile phone repairs Kettering
  • Apple battery replacement Kettering
  • Apple iphone screen repair Kettering
  • iPhone charging port repairs Kettering
  • iphone microphone repairs Kettering
  • Macbook Pro repairs Kettering
  • Macbook repairs Kettering
  • Laptop repairs Kettering
  • Surface Pro reapirs Kettering
  • iphone speaker repairs Kettering
  • iPhone repairs Wellingborough
  • Mobile phone repairs Wellingborough
  • Apple battery replacement Wellingborough
  • Apple iphone screen repair Wellingborough
  • iPhone charging port repairs Wellingborough
  • iphone microphone repairs Wellingborough
  • iphone speaker repairs Wellingborough
  • iphone screen repair Wellingborough
  • iphone screen repair Wellingborough
  • Macbook repairs Wellingborough
  • Macbook Pro repairs Wellingborough
  • Laptop reapirs Wellingborough
  • iMac repairs Wellingborough
  • Surface Pro repairs Wellingborough

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*We will replace your iPhone or Samsung screen and give you a warranty on the repair for 12 months.

mobile phone repairs kettering, mobile phone repairs rushden, mobile phone repairs northampton

We can come direct to your door in our repair vans.

Most repairs can be done in under 1 hour outside your home or work.

No Fix No Fee.

12 month warranty as standard.

Your data secure

Our repair vans cover Northampton, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Rushden, Kettering and surrounding areas

Best for

  • Samsung mobile Repairs Kettering
  • Samsung Galaxy Repair Kettering
  • Samsung Repair Centre Kettering
  • Huawei Repairs Kettering
  • iPad Repairs Kettering
  • Samsung Tablet Repairs Kettering
  • Samsung A70 Repairs Kettering
  • Samsung S10 Repairs Kettering
  • Samsung A40 Screen Repairs Kettering
  • Samsung A6 Screen Repair Kettering
  • Samsung A7 Screen Repair Kettering
  • Samsung A8 Screen Repair Kettering
  • Samsung J5 Screen Repair Kettering
  • Samsung S7 Screen Repair Kettering
  • Samsung S8 Screen Repair Kettering
  • Samsung S9 Screen Repair Kettering
  • Samsung S10 Plus Screen Repair Kettering
  • Macbook Pro Repairs Northampton
  • Macbook Repairs Northampton
  • iMac Repairs Northampton
  • Surface Pro Repairs Northampton
  • Chromebook Repairs Northampton
  • Samsung Note 8 Screen Repair Northampton
  • Samsung Note 8 Screen Repair Milton Keynes
  • Samsung A10 Screen Repair Northampton
  • Samsung A10 Screen Repair Milton Keynes
  • Samsung A20e Screen Repair Northampton
  • Samsung A20e Screen Repair Milton Keynes
  • Samsung S9 Plus Screen Repair Northampton
  • Samsung S9 Plus Screen Repair Milton Keynes
  • Samsung S10e Screen Repair Northampton
  • Samsung S10e Screen Repair Milton Keynes
  • Huawei Repairs Bedford
  • iPad Repairs Bedford
  • Samsung Tablet Repairs Bedford
  • Samsung A70 Repairs Bedford
  • Samsung S10 Repairs Bedford
  • Samsung A40 Screen Repairs Bedford
  • Samsung A6 Screen Repair Bedford
  • Samsung A7 Screen Repair Bedford
  • Samsung A8 Screen Repair Bedford
  • Samsung J5 Screen Repair Bedford
  • Samsung S7 Screen Repair Bedford
  • Samsung S8 Screen Repair Bedford
  • Samsung S9 Screen Repair Bedford
  • Samsung S10 Plus Screen Repair Bedford
  • Macbook Pro Repairs Milton Keynes
  • Macbook Repairs Milton Keynes
  • iMac Repairs Milton Keynes
  • Surface Pro Repairs Milton Keynes
  • Chromebook Repairs Milton Keynes

All our mobile workshop vans have the latest equipment and all technicians are highly trained and are criminal record checked so you know your device is in safe hands.


We can be booked to come to your door at a time and location which best suits you.


All repairs come with 12 months warranty.


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