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Top Tips

Why Is My Mobile Phone Hot?

Why is my mobile phone hot? There can be many reasons why your mobile phone is hot. Some are quite innocent and others not so. Your mobile phone at times will get warm and some heavy usage is fine, but if you notice it getting hot...

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How Can I Use My Smartphone More Effectively?

  How Can I Use My Smartphone More Effectively? When working at home or on the go, using your smartphone more effectively can be helpful. Here is our top tips to do this. ¬†Organize the apps on your home screen, putting the apps you use most frequently...

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How to take control of your email inbox

If you are working on the go or working from home and using your mobile phone or tablet you can end up with lots of emails. Many of these can be spam, you will also have emails that are very important if they come from...

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UV-C Sterilization For Your Mobile Phone

Did you know your mobile phone or tablet can have more germs and be dirtier than your toilet? We are constantly touching our mobile phones and then we could touch our eyes or mouth and the risk of spreading a virus or bacteria increases. Repair...

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