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Chapter 3 – Moving to Northampton

Chapter 3 – Moving to Northampton

Coming home to Northampton was not a chore, after growing up here, it was nice to be back and working for Royal & Derngate as Sales Manager. It was an exciting time, helping to see the theatre through redevelopment and also a difficult time, some of the new staff coming onboard did not share the culture or values the organisation had. Due to the redevelopment, I was given a lot of say and almost a blank piece of paper to design the box office and its systems and procedures from scratch. It is always nice to spend other people’s money!

The ghostly happenings did not stop, before the redeveloment, I walked up a staircase backstage in the Royal Theatre from one set of dressing rooms to another and suddenly I felt someone rush past me on the stairs, brushing past me and the rush of air, but no one was there.

The reopening of Royal and Derngate was an exciting time, letting everyone see the venue for themselves, for me it was bittersweet as I didnt like the redesign, I felt the rows of neon lights felt a little tacky, and the vinyl floor certaintly was. The Royal Theatre’s main foyer felt away from the theatre and the newly restored blue cold. However, it was important to be positive which I was as we wanted people back through the doors. I did however really like the new box office and Underground space.

After reopening the theatre I decided the time was right and it was right to venture off and start my own business and make the money I was making for someone else for me, but I wasn’t confident jut yet to completely go out on my own. I wanted to stick to my strengths and what I had been successful in and felt this was retail. So when O2 the mobile phone network wanted to start a franchise and the chance to open an O2 store in a town, I felt this was the best of both worlds and so my start of nearly 10 years with O2 and with phones and technology had begun.

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