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Mobile Phone, Tablet, Computer Screen Cleaning Subscription

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Safe mobile phone repairs

Do you forget to clean your mobile phone, tablet and computer screens regularly?


Can you afford £2.49 per month? The price of 1 coffee can keep your screens clean and family safe & raise money for a good cause.


Mobile Phone screens can have more bacteria and harbor more viruses than toilets. Regular cleaning of your mobile phone, tablet and computer monitor screens is important to kill all those nasty things. We are constantly touching our mobile phones and tablets so it is even more important to do them.


If you use hand gels or sprays you can strip the anti-fingerprint coating that is on your screen. Using soap and water is fine if not to much but does not get rid of bacteria and viruses. Our screen sprays are the answer.


Each month we will send you a mobile phone / tablet screen spray, that is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and a new cloth you clean your screen. We can even recycle the bottles if you want us to. You can stop any time. Enough spray to do the whole family’s devices.


We know its hard to remember, but you would remember if once a month through the post you received a spray and cleaning cloth with enough spray to do approx 5 devices. Clean the whole family’s devices.


Having the spray and new cleaning cloth arrive each month should prompt you to clean your devices and keep yourself and family healthy. There should even be enough to do them again in another 2 weeks.


Our cleaning subscription does not make profit, but instead benefits charity. 20p from every subscription each month is donated to Kettering General Hospital Twinkling Stars Appeal for a bereavement and specialist suite for stillborn babies.



We cover the following range of services in Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering, Daventry, Milton Keynes, Bedford and surrounding areas:

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