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Do you have a computer you dare not throw away because it has data on it?

Dropped your phone in water is not the end of your phone, it can be saved.


Our Hard Disc / SSD Wiping & Destruction Service Is For You & We Come To You.

For £69.99 for the first computer and then £49.99 for any others done at the same time.

How Does It Work?


We will come to you and remove the hard disc / SSD from your machine and seal it in a pouch with your name. It is taken back to the office where it is put into a special machine that will wipe it multiple times to UK Government Standards. A multi-pass overwrite based on HMG Enhanced IS 5 specifications. We will then provide your with confirmation via email and destroy the rest of the hard disc. You can then recycle your old laptop or throw it away.

laptop repairs
hard drive destruction


Does my laptop need to work?

No, so long as the hard disc works when we put it in the machine we can wipe it. If it doesn’t we will do a physical destruction shredding the hard drive.


How long does it take?

It takes 24 – 36 hours in the machine being wiped multiple times.

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