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Need someone to set up a printer? Computer? Smart Speakers? Back up of phones? Back up of photos? Email Stopped Working? Need To Upgrade Some Software? Anti-Virus Issues? Not Connecting To The Internet? Setting Up Router / Home Broadband? Want us to teach you something?


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A Named Contact. Always Speak To The Same Person

We Offer 3 Packages

  1. 1. One Off Visit (Northants/Milton Keynes/ Peterborough / Bedford / Market Harborough / Oundle) £74.99

2. Monthly Support Remote, Telephone Support & 2 Visits A Year & AVG Tune Up Software (Helps Speed Up A PC)

(Local Areas Only) £14.99 per month.

We will be able to connect to your PC from our office and help you with anything you are stuck on. (It is secure. You will have to give us the changing password, and we can only access when you want us to, don’t worry we will show you). We will also install AVG Tune Up software to help speed up your computer. This is worth £65. We can also answer questions over the phone, as many as you need. If you need a visit we can arrange one. Most things can be sorted by us connecting to your PC from our office and sorting them. Ask for help as much as you want to. You will have a named contact who will be helping you each time, the same person. Cancel anytime. (Any visits you have had are charged at £49.99 if you have not been with us for 12 months).

3. Remote & Telephone Support £9.99 a month

If you are not local to us, or do not need the visits then we can offer our remote and telephone support as above without the initial visit, we can still help you to download some secure software to allow us to connect to your PC when you want us to, to help you. You can also ring us as many times as you want. You can cancel at any time. £10.99 per month. Cancel Anytime. If you want a visit this is charged at £59.99 per visit.

Terms & Conditions

Remote and telephone support limited to 45 minutes each time. If it is going to take longer than that a visit will need to be arranged.

If you cancel you cannot rejoin for 6 months.  If you have a package with free visits, you can only cancel anytime but if you have not done 12 months each visit will be charged at £49.99 for any visits you have had.

Physical repairs are not included, so screens, batteries, speakers etc. Transferring data from one computer to another.Water Damage excluded. We would quote for these repairs.

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