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How Can I Use My Smartphone More Effectively?

How Can I Use My Smartphone More Effectively?


how can i use my smartphone more effectively?

How Can I Use My Smartphone More Effectively?

When working at home or on the go, using your smartphone more effectively can be helpful. Here is our top tips to do this.

  1.  Organize the apps on your home screen, putting the apps you use most frequently on your home page.
  2. Use voice commands and dictation, you have your own PA on your phone, dictate to your phone and it will put it into a document for you.
  3. Delete apps you are not using. Apps can be downloading data in the background, this can make your internet slower and your phone slower.
  4. Use headphones, putting in headphones might sound strange when you are not putting music or anything on, but they block out sounds and so if you are in a noisy environment this can help.
  5. Disable your status updates on your phone, you don’t always need to know when the latest email comes in or when a friend has updated their status on say Facebook. This can help you stay focused.
  6. Set timers or alerts on your phone, you might want to set one for an hour to do one piece of work or to remind you about a meeting coming up.
  7. Turn off the internet, if you are reading an e-book or working and you don’t need the internet then turn it off, this will help others to have a faster internet connection around you.
  8. Make sure your phone is updating and doing its updates, this will keep your phone working fast and ensure security updates are being applied to your phone.

We hope this helps you to work more effectively on your smartphone. If you have a question or would like to book a mobile phone, tablet, Macbook or laptop repair please visit www.repairnotreplace.co.uk


Mark Jones

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