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How to back up your iphone to the cloud

How to back up your iphone to the cloud

how to back up your iphone

Backing up your iphone is very important, and something most people regret when their iphone gets broken and you cannot get back all your photos and videos. Having the iphone back up your data regularly, automatically for you is something you should turn on and here is how to do it. We also have created a video if you wish to watch that instead. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EEStXsph0k)

Click on settings, then at the top you will see your name, this is the icloud account logged into the phone. Click on that. You then see a menu, one of them is icloud, click on icloud and you and see if your iphone is backing up. If the storage is empty your iphone is not backing up. Lower down you can see what you are choosing to back up, check photos, contacts whatever you want to back up is on.

Lower down under this menu you can see icloud back up, it should say on. Click on it and you can then back up now and see the last back. Your iphone will back up when your iphone is plugged into power and connected to wi-fi and normally does it at night.

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