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How to improve your Wi-Fi Signal

How to improve your Wi-Fi Signal







  1. Disconnect everything that does not need to be connected to your wi-fi at that moment. If you have computers or mobile phones connected but you are not using them disconnect them.
  2. Think about the positioning of your router. Make sure it is not near any metal objects or cordless phones.
  3. Think about who is using your wi-fi at the same time as you. If you are on a video call you would not want someone else streaming videos or watching tv online, instead try to download movies and films at night to watch later.  So spread out your large streaming / downloading.
  4. Do not use your microwave whilst on a video call, some people say microwaves can interfere with your wi0-fi signal, however, the jury is out on this one.
  5. If you work near your router always use a wired connection and plug your computer directly into the router for faster and more reliable speeds.
  6. Think about using a wi-fi plug, you plug an ethernet cable into the plug and plug it into a power socket and another one in another room and the plug sends the wi-fi signal through your power lines creating a wired connection.
  7. Listen to the radio on a radio,  do not stream music or the radio.


We hope you have found these tips useful on how to improve your wi-fi signal. We are here to answer any calls, and if you need any repair on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, Macbook please do book online and get in touch.


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