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iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement Northampton

Keep your Apple iPhone Working.

Replacing the battery in your Apple iPhone will ensure your Apple iPhone continues to work for years to come.

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Repair Not Replace – The Phone Paramedics can replace the battery in your iphone in under one hour outside your home or work as we come to you. We offer iphone battery replacement in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Wellingborough, Kettering, Daventry.

iPhone battery replacement is a quick and inexpensive repair and will give your iphone a new lease of life.

You find you have to charge the battery a lot, find you are not getting through the day without iphone battery. If this is the case a iphone battery replacement by Repair Not Replace is the answer.

Another indication that your iphone battery needs changing  is when you battery gets below 40% it may suddenly switch off to protect your iphone when the iphone cannot give enough peak power.

On later iphones you can go into your battery health in settings and if the battery health is below 85% it is time to change your iphones battery.

If you are having an iphone screen replaced we do offer a discounted price for replacing your iphone battery so it is worth thinking about getting it done at the same time.

When we do an iphone battery replacement we offer a full 12 month warranty on that battery, but we would expect it to last much longer.

We are sometimes asked what can you do to help your iphone battery. Never leave your iphone battery on charge all night, always use a timer that switches it off after a few hours when it is fully charged. Another good tip is to let your battery get as low as possible before re charging it. All of these things will help but a battery is a consumable and will not last forever, iphone batteries like all batteries can only be charged a certain number of times before they need to be replaced, this is the same for all batteries.

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*We will replace your iPhone or Samsung screen and give you a warranty on the repair for 12 months.

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