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Making the password on your mobile phone more secure

Making the password on your mobile phone more secure

making your mobile phone passcode secure

You may use a four or six digit passcode to get into your mobile phone or tablet, but this is not very secure. To make it more secure why not have an alphanumeric passcode, one with numbers and letters. We use our mobile phones and tablets for all sorts of things including online banking, and have many contacts. If you work on your phone the data will be covered by GDPR so making it secure is even more important to avoid fines.

To do this on an iphone, go to settings, face id and passcode, type in your passcode, scroll down to change passcode and passcode options, and here you can choose alphanumeric which makes your passcode much more secure. Try this on your mobile phone today and make it harder for someone to break into your mobile phone.

You can see the video on how to do this at repairnotreplace.co.uk/top-tips. Repair Not Replace offer mobile phone, tablet, Macbook, and laptop repairs and upgrades and you can book online. We also offer free advice, so do get in touch.

Mark Jones

Repair not Replace

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