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Not all mobile phone repair companies are the same – Avoid the cowboys

Not all mobile phone repair companies are the same – Avoid the cowboys

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The mobile phone repair industry has a terrible reputation in the UK and has many cowboys. We have heard and deal each month with the fall out from some of these competitors.

There was a mobile phone repair shop in Wellingborough who fitted a new battery for a customer, the phone did not work. When the customer went back they said that the customer had broken the phone and refused a refund. When the phone was opened up the plastic covering the battery was still on the battery, they had not taken off the plastic packaging so it was never going to work.

Another one was a repair shop in Northampton, the customer wanted a new screen,  the screen was working just a crack in the glass and a new screen would sort this. When the phone came back it would not switch on. When the customer asked about this they said they have replaced the screen they do not get involved with other faults, despite the fact the iPhone was working when it was given to them. On inspection they had damaged the motherboard, fitting the screen and the phone was a write-off.

There are many people who set themselves up as mobile phone repairers thinking a few youtube videos means it is easy and anyone can do it, which is wrong, it takes years of knowledge and training to be able to do repairs correctly, and you need the right equipment, equipment that costs thousands of pounds. It is no wonder that many mobile phones go wrong.

Another problem faced by many customers, is inferior parts if you, use cheap parts or screens the voltage that these parts or screens use might not be the same, and that will cause damage to the phone. Cheap parts usually fail after a few months, so you end up paying again to have the repair done again. With screens many people fit cheap screens, where the colours are poor, the brightness is poor and they look washed out. We choose a phone because of the vibrant and sharp screen it has, this is its main selling point and if the screen is inferior then it will give a poor user experience.

Repair Not Replace is a professional mobile phone, tablet , Macbook , laptop repairer, and only use genuine parts or the highest grade of professional parts we can get. We have trained staff and we offer a full 12-month warranty. We offer this warranty because we are confident in the parts used and the staff we have and stand by it. You should never opt for the cheapest when going for a mobile phone repair, you need to compare like for like.


Mark Jones www.repairnotreplace.co.uk

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