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By Booking A Repair With Us You Are Helping The Planet

Carbon Neutral Repairs

See How Many Trees In Our Forest & How Much CO2 We Have Saved

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Did You Know

It takes 16kg of Co2 to make 1 mobile phone. More for a tablet and laptop.

It takes 1000 litres of water to make 1 mobile phone. Even more for a tablet and laptop.

By repairing your device and keeping it for 1 year longer reduces the carbon footprint of that device by 25%. Even more if you keep it longer.

The precious materials in your mobile phone, have to be mined from the ground, they are running out, and cause a big environmental issue.

carbon neutral mobile phone repairs

How You Can Help

Repair your device and not upgrade every year.

Buy a refurbished device, this will be cheaper, they can look like new but then you are re using and dramatically lowering the carbon footprint.

Repair your device with us as we offset all the carbon footprint from your repair.

What Does Repair Not Replace Do?

We offset all the carbon footprint from your repair, it is much smaller anyway than buying new.

We help to save 1.6 tonnes of Co2 from the offsetting work we do and we are helping to save much more by you repairing your device rather than buying new.

We help to plant 25 trees a month.

How Do We Do This?

We have partnered with Ecologi to plant trees and offset the carbon footprint from driving the van to you and doing the repair. This means our repairs are now carbon netural and you are also reducing the carbon impact by having a repair rather than replacing your device.

carbon neutral mobile phone repairs

We Come To You

we come to you

Professional Parts

genuine parts

Repaired In 1 Hour

fixed in 1 hour

12 Month Warranty

12 month warranty

We Do Not Wipe Your Data

we come to you

We Donate Some Of Our Profits

we donate some of our profits to charity
mobile phone, tablet, laptop repairs

Our Vans Are Mobile Work Shops. We Work Inside Our Vans, Outside Your Home Or Work

mobile phone, macbook, laptop repairs
mobile phone repairs
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