Samsung Galaxy A9 Review

Samsung Galaxy A9

With 4 cameras the Samsung A9 looks impressive from the outside. There is the main camera, which can take photos up to 24 mp, but if you prefer to take ultra wide photos then there is a camera for that. With a 120 degree field of view, its great for landscapes. The Samsung A9 also has a telephoto camera with a 2x optical zoom for close ups, perhaps for portraits or wildlife? Finally there is a depth camera for those arty shots. This phone doesnt just have good cameras it also has a great display, 6.3 inch FHD+Super Amoled Infinity Display. A fast octa core processor and 6GB on board RAM. For camera fans this smart phone will tick all the boxes, at £549 this is great price, but with all Samsung phones the cost comes in repairing these devices. Just don’t drop it! www.samsung.com