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Three Ways To Start Your Business

Full Van Franchise

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Work In Car

start your own mobile phone repair business

Doorstep Service

start your own mobile phone repair business

Take advantage of our website and booking facilities, we do all the advertising for you, leaving you free to do what you do best.


We will advertise in your area for you. We advertise in a variety of different ways, mainly on social media. Our website is already very busy, getting thousands of hits a month and growing.

Customers love seeing the prices upfront and booking online and not having to go anywhere to get their devices fixed. You tell us what you can fix to a high standard and we will advertise and get bookings for you, we would recommend you start part time and grow your business.

We will give you all the support you need, where to buy parts and tools from, help if you get stuck with a repair, the option to send a repair to us if you need help and advertising and our strong brand.

You would be a self employed technician, you are using us to advertise and get you work and you would go out under the Repair Not Replace name, so we do have standards that we can discuss with you. We believe in offering the highest standard of repairs backed by a 12 month warranty.

We have three options for you to choose from depending on whether you want to work in a van, a car or inside the customers house. The most popular is the van as some customers do not want you to go into their homes. Then working in your car. There is specialist equipment available to help turn your car into a desk and get the power you need. The third option is going into customers homes and using a table in their home. You choose the option.

We will do all the customer service for you, answering the phone, giving out quotes, responding to emails. All you have to do is turn up and do the work, failure to turn up or being unreliable to many times will mean you lose your area.

We are open to all areas and will give you a town for van franchises you get a county. Some areas are split.

Work In Your Car / Doorstep Service

A van is not needed, but you already need to know how to do mobile phone and tablet repairs or we can teach you, and you offer training courses.  (You can sub contract computer and Macbook repairs to us, learn from us with paid training or not offer them). You can choose to work in your car and offer the we come to you service that customers love without having to have technicians in their house or choose the doorstep service and go into customers homes and work on their table. You are allowed to work for yourself as well, this is not a full franchise, you are using us for advertising and sub contracting services. It is your own business, you choose when to take bookings.

Full Van Franchise

Full branded van franchise, you work as a partner of ours, running your business like we do. You would work in the van and provide the great we come to you repairs. We would give you all our know how, support, Franchise Manager to help you and help grow your business. Avoid the mistakes we did and just do the things that make you successful. Full or part time, build it. Capital investment is needed as you will need to purchase a van. You work exclusively with us for repairs. We would train you. It is your own business.

We are particularly looking for



Peterborough & Oundle

Hemel Hempstead & St Albans


Luton & Dunstable

We will consider all areas these are just examples.

To get more information, we can send you an information pack, provide all the full details please email [email protected]

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