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Three Ways To Start Your Business

doorstep mobile phone repairs
mobile phone, laptop, macbook repairs
1 hour mobile phone repairs

Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Macbook Repairs. The market is exploding why not become part of that success?


Everyone relies on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or Macbook even more these days, many people are still working from home, and for others they cannot be parted from their technology. this opens up a market and business opportunity for those people who can offer a fast and hassle free way of getting a repair done.

Our we come to you service is very popular. Many people are time poor and do not want the hassle of going to a shop, they want someone to come to them and work in a van outside their home or workplace whilst they get on with their day. This is what Repair Not Replace does. We are getting more and more calls and hits on the websites from areas that we are not in, so we want to expand with the right franchise partners.

What We Are Looking For?

  • Someone who is serious about running their own business
  • Committed to do a fantastic job every time and delighting customers
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Someone who likes to fix things

What We Offer?

We will train you in all aspects of repairs, and help you set up your business. We will help you put together a marketing plan ready for launch. We will support every step of the way. We will take care of all the customer service issues, quote requests, phone calls so you can focus on the repairs and running your business.

We do not guarantee to get you work, any business owner knows you have to build your business and you will not be full from day one, it is all about the effort you put in, but we will help with your marketing and give you ideas that have been successful for us.

You Are Not Alone

Being a repair technician can be a lonely business, especially if something goes wrong or you get stuck. This is where being part of a larger organisation and having the ability to speak to other franchisees comes into play. You can even send us repairs you don’t want to do. As the network grows more opportunities for national contracts will present itself, benefiting all.

What Is It Like?

At the start you will not be full every day, so this gives our technicians the opportunity to work in another job and start their franchise in evenings and weekends and build up the time slots available. Part of your day will be ordering stock, then filling your van and going off and doing the repairs. You must like working by yourself and able to keep to time. You need to be calm and level headed, and also cheerful and chatty with your customers.

What Does It Cost?

  • You will need a van (Transit / Transporter size) (Approx £1000 -2000)
  • The wan needs a full wrap (£1300 – £1500)
  • Internal conversion of the van and power pack (Approx £1500)
  • Training / Franchise Agreement £1000
  • Opening Stock £500
  • Marketing £500

Setting up a business for less than £6 000 is very low cost. Other franchises costs tens of thousands. We can provide much more detailed information to you, so if you are interested in the franchise we would love to meet you, show you the business and see if we are a mutual fit.

Please email Mark Jones mark@repairnotreplace.co.uk or call 01604 385100.

We are particularly looking for



Peterborough & Oundle

Hemel Hempstead & St Albans


Luton & Dunstable

We will consider all areas these are just examples.

To get more information, we can send you an information pack, provide all the full details please email mark@repairnotreplace.co.uk.

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