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The data on your mobile phone can be exposed after a factory reset

The data on your mobile phone can be exposed after a factory reset

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Did you know that with the right skills and knowledge someone could get their hands on some of your private data after a factory reset. Some devices are better than others at wiping this data and not leaving a trace of it, but most will leave a trace that can be harvested by those in the know. This data can be valuable on the dark web and is traded and sold.

The worse factory resets we have seen just delete the menu, so the phone or tablet cannot find the data any more, but that still leaves the data. The best ones overwrite the data with letters or numbers so the data cannot be gotten back, but nearly all do not do this enough and so data can be gotten back. Whilst it is not legal to harvest the data off a phone or tablet, this does not stop some people.

You can learn to do this by a quick search on the dark web if you wanted to learn this illegal practice. the answer to this is a secure wipe, that is GDPR compliant, backed up by an insurance company and overwrites the data time and time again, this is a lengthy process so you can see why a basic factory reset does not have the time to do this. We can offer this secure wipe service for any phone, you simply post in your phone to us. See repairnotreplace.co.uk/post-in-repairs.

Mark Jones

Repair Not Replace

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