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10 Do’s And Don’ts For A Successful Sale Of Your Used Laptop


If you are thinking about selling your used laptop, you may be able to get a good price for it. There are certain platforms which allow you to sell an old device for cash that can be sent within a few hours. In order to make the sale successfully, there are quite a few things which should be kept in mind. Here are 10 do’s and don’ts to consider before selling a used laptop.

5 Do’s For A Successful Sale

These are a few factors which can help you sell an old machine for a reasonable price. You can follow some of the steps below to prepare your laptop for the transaction.

  1. Back Up the Data

It is one of the most important things to do for a successful sale of your used laptop. You want to make sure that all the data and files are backed up to cloud storage or another hard drive. This way, it’s easier to wipe the device clean and remove everything before sending it in for an assessment. If you are looking to sell a gaming laptop for example, check the settings and back up the previous games.

  1. Check Laptop Details

The details or information such as the model or serial number can help you get the right estimate or quote for your used laptop. When selling it, you need to add the relevant information about the machine and fill out the form that allows the platform to send in a quote accordingly.

  1. De-authorize All Software

Before wiping out the data, make sure that you de-authorize all programs or software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Amazon Music or iTunes. Most platforms have facilities which also run final checks to make sure that all confidential data has been removed from the device. But it’s a good idea to de-authorize the programs when preparing the used laptop for a sale.

  1. Erase or Clean the Hard Drive

This is a crucial step which should not be missed. You can consider data removal programs to wipe out the hard drive or format it. It’s a good way to secure personal information and make sure that it cannot be recovered again.

  1. Reinstall the System

It is the final thing that you should do for a successful sale of your used laptop. Install the OS like Windows or for Mac so that the device is ready to go to another buyer. Reinstalling the system also allows you to show that the laptop is functional.


5 Don’ts For A Successful Sale

The following are some things which you should avoid in order to sell your used laptop successfully.

  1. Skip Cleaning The Laptop

The condition of your device can determine the given price or quote. So make sure that you clean the laptop properly and remove any stains or dirt from the keyboard and screen. It is important for your device to look appealing and in good shape.

  1. Miss Important Details

Sometimes, you may not be able to figure out the important details about the computer which can be confusing. Look closely on the bottom for the information so you can get a suitable estimate. Check the box if you still have it or access ‘system properties’ on your laptop. For a Mac, you can go on Apple Menu and find the option, ‘About this Mac’.

  1. Forget about the Appearance

It is important to make sure that the laptop appears in good condition from the outside as well. When selling an old laptop, a few people may not pay attention to the hardware or body. A device which is maintained in the best possible way will get a better price than one which has wear and tear. So turn off your laptop, check for dust particles and fix any crack or lost keys if possible.

  1. Avoid Filling Out The Form Accurately

This is another thing that you should keep in mind when looking to make a successful sale. You should be completely transparent about the information that has to be provided in the form. Choose the right option for the model number, condition of the device and parts. It can help you get a fair price for the machine and avoid any difficulty later on.

  1. Skip Checking for Repairs

You don’t want to avoid checking the laptop for any repairs. Look through it one final time to make sure that everything is in place and functional. If the device has any problems or damage, the estimate or quote can be revised by the platform.


To Sum Up

These are ten important dos and don’ts which you should focus on before selling your used laptop. By keeping them in mind, you can make a successful sale and agree on the right price. If you are looking to sell your old laptop, make sure that you prepare it beforehand and follow the steps to protect your information.

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