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Repair not replace, phone paramedics, mobile phone repairs near you

Repair not Replace are a local Northamptonshire Business and a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce.

We will match or beat any price of our nearest competitor who visits you in a van

Covering Northamptonshire, Milton

Keynes and Bedford, Wellingborough,


Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden, Irthlingborough, Irchester, Earls Barton, Towcester,

Daventry, Milton Keynes and Bedford.

Not in our area. You can post in your repair to us, we will send you a postpack and we will repair it and send it back out to you same day. Click here for more details.

Repair Not Replace offer quality, premium mobile phone and tablet repairs. We also repair Macbooks, Macbook Pros, Surface Pros, Laptops. We know that when your mobile phone is broken you need it fixed fast and at a location that is easy for you. There can be no better location that one you are already there, like your home or work. Mark & David from Repair Not Replace do not need to come into your home or work, they will take your phone off you at the door and repair it in less than one hour in their custom repair vans. If you want to have a look inside one of our custom repair vans please do ask. They are fitted out with work benches and space for parts and equipment and are a mobile, mobile phone, computer, laptop repair workshop.

What makes Repair Not Replace – The Phone Paramedics repairs different, is we only use quality parts, not cheap Ebay parts that will never last. Repair Not Replace offer a full warranty, twelve month warranty, a lot of companies come and go so it is important to use a trusted mobile phone, Macbook, Macbook Pro, laptop, Surface Pro repair company that will be here to honour your warranty.

All Repair Not Replace staff wear body worn CCTV and our mobile phone repair vans have CCTV fitted into them. This is so we can monitor the quality of the repairs we are offering and also to ensure your data is safe. Harvesting data is big business and the data on your phone or tablet, laptop, computer can be worth more than the phone, always use a reliable and trusted mobile phone, tablet, Macbook, Macbook Pro, surface Pro repair company that can prove your data is secure.

Repair Not Replace offer a No Fix No Fee service on the majority of its repairs, to give you complete peace of mind. If you are not sure what is wrong with your repair you can book our Diagnostics Service and we will take a look.

Another common mobile phone repair we see is water damage. Do not put in rice, this is a myth and the rice can get stuck into the ports of your phone causing more problems. Instead dry with a towel and leave to dry. Call us out as soon as you can. The sooner we can open up your mobile phone or tablet the better. It is not the water that causes problems it is the impurities in the water that cause corrosion and over six to twelve months will cause internal parts on the motherboard to fail.

With Repair Not Replace you are not dealing with a big corporate company, we are a small business made up of Mark, David and Michael. When you ring Repair Not Replace you will speak to one of them and it is one of them that comes out to do your repair. Repair Not Replace donate three percentage of its profits each year to local charities and also fundraise with charities.

Repair Not Replace are best for iphone repairs in Northampton, iphone repairs in Milton Keynes, iphone repairs in Bedford, iphones repairs in Wellingborough and Samsung mobile phone repairs in Northampton, Samsung mobile phone repair in Milton Keynes, Samsung mobile phone repairs in Bedford and Samsung mobile phone repairs in Kettering. As well as mobile phone repairs, outside your home or work, Repair Not Replace will also repair tablets, so we are best for Samsung tablet repairs in Northampton, Samsung tablet repairs in Milton Keynes, Samsung table repairs in Bedford. iPad repairs in Northampton, ipad repairs in Milton Keynes, iPad repairs Bedford.

Repair Not Replace, will come to you and we can offer a quote on other mobile phones like Huawei mobile phone repairs, Sony mobile phone repairs and others, just ask us for a quote.

We love to fix things and keep your technology up and running. We know how frustrating it is when your mobile phone is broken, we can repair your Apple iPhone in under one hour, or repair your Samsung mobile in under one hour or Huawei mobile phone in under one hour. Whatever the mobile phone you have if we can get the parts, we can repair it.

You may have a tablet, a Samsung tablet or ipad and need an ipad repair, we can help. We offer one hour ipad repairs and we come to you. We can also repair your Samsung tablet. It may be a new screen, charging port, battery, loudspeaker or any other small part, we can fix your tablet or ipad in one hour. We offer a 12 month warranty on all our ipad repairs and tablet repairs.

We can also repair and upgrade your iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or laptop near you. We can change the screen, add memory, add a faster hard drive, change your harddrive to SSD or replace any of the small parts. If we can get the parts we can fix your Macbook or laptop. Let us come to you.

We know you are searching for mobile phone repairs near me, or tablet repairs near me or ipad repairs near me or Macbook repairs near me, do not go anywhere else we are here to help you and we come to you.

We also repair Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, Xbox Live so if your games console stops working we can come to you and repair in one hour.

Perhaps your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook, iMac is running slowly, why not think about upgrading it? We can add more memory or add a bigger hard drive or change your hard drive and upgrade it to SSD so your Macbook boots up straight away, no more waiting around. You may have a damaged port on your Macbook, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro or iMac like the charging port, or perhaps you need a new battery in your Macbook Air, Macbook Pro then we can help. See all our prices and book online.

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