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Dropped your phone in water is not the end of your phone, it can be saved.


If you have dropped your phone into water, do not panic, here is what to do:-

It is not the water that causes most of the damage it is the impurities in the water that cause your phone to short circuit and corrode. Water damage can start straight away but it can also cause problems more slowly over six to twelve months as the corrosion starts to cause problems.

Please note Repair Not Replace cannot be held responsible for using any of the tips below.

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  1. Take it out of the water as soon as possible, so try to grab it as quickly as you can.
  2. Turn off your phone as soon as possible. If you see any sparks then do not touch the phone.
  3. Towel dry off. Do not use a hair dryer or put on a radiator, the heat can damage the delicate internal components.
  4. Remove any parts that come away like sim card tray, if it has a back cover that comes off then remove that, also memory cards and if you can the battery.
  5. A bowl of uncooked rice can be a great way to wick moisture from inside the phone, but be careful, we have seen phones damaged with rice in headphone jacks and charging ports so be gentle.
  6. Leave for several days for the phone to completely dry out, do not be tempted to turn back on.
  7. Turn the phone back on and test. If it is still not working then you need a professional service.

Repair Not Replace offer a water damage service, we will open up your phone and scrub the corrosion off the motherboard and ports this can get the phone working again. There is not a guarantee with water damage, as it depends on how bad the damage is.  All of our prices are on the website.

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Data Secure

At Repair Not Replace we promise that all your data will be secure. Furthermore, as your device is being repaired at your location, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your data is safe. (Sometimes, with some repairs, data will be lost so we do advise you back up your phone if you can. Please trust us, however, that we constantly endeavour to avoid losing your data.)


  • All of our staff are police checked.
  • All of our staff wear body worn CCTV cameras, to protect you, your phone and our staff and equipment.
  • Our vans have CCTV fitted with automatic upload to the cloud
  • Our vans are fitted with GPS trackers and alarms that ring our monitoring station if they are set off.
  • All our vans and staff are fitted with panic alarms that will alert the police.
  • All work done is recorded by our CCTV.
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