Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Repair Not Replace for your repair?

We have listed our top reasons below:

    • 1. With Repair Not Replace you no longer need to leave you house or workplace to get your phone repaired.
    • 2. We repair phones in under 1 hour on most repairs.
    • 3. You no longer need to go into town and wait around.
    • 4. We are a dedicated mobile repairer, not a phone accessories shop dabbling in repairs.
    • 5. We offer a No Fix No Fee promise. This means if we cannot fix your phone there is nothing to pay (Diagnostic / software repair / water damaged excluded.)
  • 6. We only use quality parts, we do not use cheap parts off the internet or ebay. We source quality parts that we know will last.
    • 7. Our reputation is important to us.
    • 8. We offer a 12-month warranty. For total peace of mind, if the repair fails we will fix it (Customer damage excluded.)
    • 9. We are locally owned and operated.
    • 10. We donate 3% of our profits to local groups and we give to charities across many areas.
    • 11. You are not lining the pockets of big corporations, but instead helping local families.
    • 12. We are professional and competent.
  • 13. All of our staff are highly trained, spending hours on training and re training before they can do repairs. We also quality check the work of our technicians.
    • 14. All of our prices are published on the website, nothing is hidden.
    • 15. We don’t ask you to pay anything until we have fixed your phone or tablet (our software and diagnostic service requires an upfront payment). Then you can pay by credit or debit card.
  • 16. For the majority of repairs all data on your phone is secure. We do recommend you back up your phone before any repair just as a precaution.

There are a variety of reasons why Repair Not Replace is the right choice for you if you are looking for phone repairs in the Northampton area.

Screen Types

We sell 3 different types of screens. Our standard screen is a premium screen. We never buy cheap screens. We also sell original oem screens and for a few screens we sell TFT/Value Screen. The main differences are between the premium and oem original screens, the colours might not be quite as vivid on premium as original oem, and the brightness slightly less. Over 95% of our customers choose premium screens and are happy with them, as most cannot tell the difference.

Our Value / TFT screen is only available on a few products and is a value screen. Colours and brightness will not be as good and the glass will not be as thick so a screen protector and case is a good idea. More care is needed. They are a good choice for those that want to repair their phone for a lot less money but they are not a screen we would recommend. We would always recommend premium and then oem original.

Best for

    • iPhone repairs Northampton
    • Samsung repairs Northampton
    • Samsung repairs Wellingborough
  • iPhone repairs Wellingborough
    • iPhone screen repairs Northampton
    • Samsung repairs Kettering
    • iPhone repairs Kettering
  • iPhone not charging Northampton

For further reasons please have a look at our reviews on Trustpilot.

Our Promise

No Fix No Fee
12-month warranty
12 Month Warranty
No Fix No Fee*
Only Quality Parts Used
Your data is secure
Free Diagnostics
1-hour time slots
Your Data Secure
We only use quality parts
Your Data Secure
Fixed in 1 hour
Your Data Secure
Fixed at your location
Your Data Secure
All our technicians are trained, and quality checked
Same Day 1 Hour Repair
Covering Northampton,
Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden, Daventry.
Your Data Secure
We donate 3% of our profits to local community groups and charities
Your Data Secure
Free Diagnostic Service