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Why Is My Mobile Phone Hot?

Why Is My Mobile Phone Hot?

why does my mobile phone get hot

Why is my mobile phone hot?

There can be many reasons why your mobile phone is hot. Some are quite innocent and others not so. Your mobile phone at times will get warm and some heavy usage is fine, but if you notice it getting hot a lot, check out these things to try to prevent it.

Your mobile phone getting hot can either be software or hardware. Let’s start with hardware.

If your mobile phone is hot at the back of your mobile phone it could be the battery. This is not a great sign, as a hot battery can expand or even explode so always turn off your mobile phone and get the battery replaced by someone reputable like us here at Repair Not Replace. Make sure however, is changing your battery is putting in a professional quality battery. Cheap batteries can quickly expand, explode and fail and some do not deliver the same power that your mobile phone needs and has been built to work on, this can cause problems over time and damage your phone.

If the heat is at the front then it could be the Central Processing Unit (CPU), this is the brains of your mobile phone, it could also be the GPU Graphics Processing Unit, so if you have just finished some gaming that was using lots of the CPU or GPU then this is normal, if you are noticing it all the time you could have an issue with your CPU or GPU, again this needs looking at by someone who does this type of repair, like we do.

If the heat is coming from the bottom, you could have an issue with your charging port and so should turn off your phone and get it fixed. We replace most charging ports in our vans in 1 hour or via our post in service. the other thing to try is a new charging cable. Cheap charging cables may not be delivering the same power to your phone, again this can cause damage to your phone, never use cheap charging cables always look for MFI certified cables if it is for Apple and quality cables for Android.

We have already touched on gaming but also lots of streaming movies and clips can cause your mobile phone to get hot, this is quite normal if it is after a long Youtube session.

Having too many background apps open could also be causing your mobile phone to heat up, so close apps you are not using. They can be working in the background, this will also reduce your data usage too. Also, take a look at your settings, is your brightness up really high? If so turn it down this will help and if you have 3d wallapeper take these off, as things like this use a lot of your phone resources.

The next one is the sun, don’t leave your mobile phone in direct sunlight for to long, you have some very sensitive chips in your mobile phone that you do not want to fry.

Another reason for your mobile phone becoming hot is bugs. This could be a bug in one of your apps, have you downloaded something recently, if so delete it and see if that stops it. A more serious issue mainly for Android phones is malware/viruses on your phone, again only download apps from recognized app stores.

As a temporary fix, you can always take off any cases around your mobile phone, this will help. Your mobile phone getting a temperature is like us getting a temperature and is a sign something is wrong, so always get it checked out by a reputable mobile phone repairer, we are happy to help if you would like us to take a look at your mobile phone, we can come to you if you are in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Bedford or we have a fast post in repair service.

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