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You Should Not Use Anti-Bacterial Gels on Your Mobile Phone

You Should Not Use Anti-Bacterial Gels on Your Mobile Phone

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Your mobile phone can have more germs and viruses on it than your toilet so cleaning your mobile phone is important. It is very important to clean the screen on your mobile phone, but it is just as important as to how you clean it.

On your mobile phone or tablet, there is a special coating that repels fingerprints and makes it easy to clean. If you use antibacterial hand gels you can take off this coating. So can harsh cleaners like kitchen and bathroom cleaners. The best way to clean the phone on your screen is with ordinary soap/washing up liquid, just a touch  and water, just a small amount of soap and wipe with a damp cloth. Do not soak your phone. Then dry with a new clean cloth or microfibre cloth, or kitchen roll and throw away don’t use the same cloths again as then you could be wiping dirty and germs back onto your phone.


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