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Your mobile phone and its impact on the world

Your mobile phone and its impact on the world

16kg of co2 to produce one mobile phone

There are many reasons to repair your phone rather than replace. it could be because it is cheaper, or because you have data or photos on the mobile phone and you do not want to lose them as they are not backed up. However many people are considering repairing their mobile phone because of the impact their mobile phone has on the world and how to reduce this impact.

When making a mobile phone the average mobile phone in 2020 takes 16kg of Co2 going into the atmosphere to make each mobile phone, if you consider the millions of mobile phones being made all around the world this is a massive amount of Co2. The 16kg does not take into account the amount of co2 needed when you charge up your mobile phone each time if that is being charged up using power that has come from fossil fuels.

Making a single mobile phone also uses a massive amount of water, over 1000 litres for each one, as water becomes more scare around the world this is becoming more of an issue.  It also takes land to make a mobile phone, and each mobile phone made uses 18m2 of land, land that could be used to house people.

No one is saying do not use your mobile phone or tablet, but instead of throwing it away when the first issue happens, consider getting it repaired. A repair can give you years more of use, saving all those resources that are needed to make a new one. Repairing your phone and keeping it for just 1 extra year reduces the carbon footprint of that mobile phone by nearly 20% and even more if you keep it longer.

Mark Jones, Director, Repair Not Replace

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