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Welcome To Repair Not Replace

Repair Not Replace is a local business with a small team. We have been repair experts now since 2015 and have over 30 years of experience between us in repairing mobile phones, tablets, laptops and Macbooks.

With Repair Not Replace if you ring us up, you will always speak to Mark, he is here to help you and offer free advice on your repairs, when he is not helping customers on the phone, he can be found looking after our website, ordering parts and undertaking repairs in the office, not to mention networking.

Our Senior Technician, Wojciech (Voi Tech) will be the person you see when we come to you. Here spends his day in the van, visting our customers homes and work places, repairing their devices. Our vans are our workshops.

Michael is the third member of our team and he looks after the finances and does the book keeping, ensuring we do not spend too much money on new tools and equipment!


was set up as a retail business in 2014. The retail business specialised in selling mobile phones, computers, tablets and lots more through a CeX franchise. Prior to this the company owned MKJ Ltd, which for the previous 10 years ran a mobile phone shop in partnership with O2 in Wellingborough. Find out more about us below.

As returns came back into the two CeX shops a repair centre was set up in Wellingborough. Mobile Phones and tablets would be sent to it and repaired by a repair technician and then given back to the shops to sell. In 2017 it was decided to sell the CeX shops and focus on the repairs full time and branch out into both consumer and business repairs. Customers would come into the CeX and O2 on a daily basis asking for a one hour repair and there was nowhere reliable or higher enough quality to send them, so Phone Paramedics as Repair Not Replace was then called was started.

The name Phone Paramedics was changed in 2019, because we do more than just phones, and wanted a name that reflected this.

Repair Not Replace are a locally owned business based in Northamptonshire we are dedicated to service and doing a good job. This means you are helping local families not large multi national companies with multi millionaire owners, our local families live and work in the area they serve we love being part of the community. Any profits we make, we donate 3% a year to charity.

As the business has grown, Repair Not Replace now offer business accounts for business mobile phone repairs on site, laptop and Surface Pro, Macbook repairs on site and we buy broken mobile phones and working mobile phones. Any business can set up a business account with us for their business mobile phone / tablet / computer repairs. We also specialise in education repairs, and work with many secondary schools in Northampton replacing screens on Surface Pro’s, iPads and Samsung Tablets.

Repair Not Replace offer free advice on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or Macbook so if you have a problem please do call us on 01604 385100. Thank you.

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Experienced Phone Technicians


We have over 15 years’ experience in the mobile phone and tablet and computer business and know that customers do not want to be without their phones or tablets or laptops, Macbooks for long periods of time whilst they are repaired. For this reason, we recognised the need for a mobile service. We are dedicated to repairing your mobile phone, repairing your Macbook Pro or laptop or doing a tablet repair with quality parts and we will give you a warranty. We do not buy cheap Ebay parts we are a professional service. Poor quality repairs and parts can cause other parts to fail, causing more problems, this is why you should always use a trusted repair company.

Repairs and more


We love repairing your mobile phones, love repairing your laptops, Macbooks and tablets but we now also buy broken mobile phones, we buy working mobile phones and we sell.

A big part of our business is business to business, we know that you need to keep the down time of your mobile phones, Surface Pros, laptops, Macbooks and tablets to a minimum and we offer on site repairs. We do not need to come in, we repair your mobile phone or repair your Macbook or tablet in our vans outside your premises and we offer free business accounts. There is no retainers and no minimums so please do set up a business account with us, then it is ready if you need a mobile phone repair, tablet repairs, laptop repair, Macbook repair, Macbook pro repair, iMac repair please call us. We cover Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Peterborough, Market Harborough and surrounding areas.

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Fixed Prices and Quality Training


Our mobile phone repairs, Macbook repairs, laptop repairs and tablet repairs we offer set, fixed prices. So you know what you are paying up front. You book a time with us, and we will be with you within 45 minutes either side of that time depending on traffic and our other repairs. All of our repair technicians undergo rigorous initial training and on-going training to ensure the quality of our repairs and to back up our 12-month warranty.  We love our customers and are so grateful they choose Repair Not Replace.

For customers outside of Northampton we offer training. If you would like to learn to repair mobile phones yourself then get in touch for a quote.


We offer the following range of services in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering, Bedford and surrounding areas:

We will repair your mobile phone or tablet in 1 hour outside your home or work with a 12 month warranty.


We can come direct to your door in our repair vans.

Most repairs can be done in under 1 hour outside your home or work.

Our repair vans cover Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Peterborough, Market Harborough and surrounding areas

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mobile phone, laptop, macbook, ipad repairs
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Repair Not Replace, we come to you
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