Common Mobile Phone / Tablet Faults & The Repair They Need

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Common Mobile Phone / Tablet Faults & The Repair They Need

Smart phones are now a must for many people, we run businesses from them, run our families from them and social life. They are an important part of our lives and important to many people. Smartphones like iPhones and Samsung mobiles are now just as expensive and in many cases more expensive than having a computer, yet we carry these expensive devices around without a second thought. Mobile phones have become more sexy with more and more features as the years have gone on and are a must have for us all.

We love our mobile phones and tablets and so it can be very frustrating when these devices go wrong. As with all electronic devices things can happen and fail and you can get glitches. The first thing to try is turning it if off and on again, as simple as it sounds this will fix many problems. If this has not fixed your problem then you may have to do some more things and not all can be fixed by the user and that is when you will need an expert repairer to come out to you or you can send in your device to get it repaired. (  Always check to see if your device is in the warranty period, if it is you should take it back to the retailer you bought it from, or Apple or Samsung or the manufacture.

We understand that these devices cost a lot of money, and so it can be stressful when things go wrong, but do not panic as many things can be sorted out and if not we are here to help you. We understand the cost of your device, but a repair will be a fraction of the cost of buying another one, and many things will not need a repair, we can talk you through it on here or over the phone.

Repair Not Replace is here to get you the help you need. We have been in business since 2015, with our consumers repairs starting in 2018. We have a 5 star rating on Google and Trsutpilot, so you know the advice we offer you is trusted and the best advice you can get. We fix mobile phones, tablets, laptops and MacBooks day in and day out it all we do, so it is very likely we will have across your problem before and can help. If we cannot help that we will refer you to someone else if we can.

The technicians that we have at Repair Not Replace are very experienced and many have been doing this for over 20 years, this is knowledge and skills built up over a long time and we can fix most issues.

Black Screens On Mobile Phones

Battery Issues In Mobile Phones

Boot Looping Or Stuck At Logo

Mobile Phone Camera Not Working

WiFi or Cellular Data Connectivity Issues

Water Damage

App Freezing / Crashing

Broken Screen

Touchscreen Issues

Bluetooth Issues

Speaker Not Working

Microphone Not Working

Mobile Phone Slow Or Over Heating

Mobile Phone Lost Data Or Unable To Backup

1. Black Screen

Many mobile phones present with this issue. Your mobile phone might not turn on due to a technical issue on the logic baord, a drop or a corrupted app or update that went wrong or failing battery or charging port fault .This is very common on iPhones but Samsung mobile phones and Huawei mobiles also suffer from this problem. Do not panic depending on what is causing the problem there are some fixes.

The most common issue is a broken lcd, you will know this as your mobile phone will still be vibrating or making noises but you will not be able to see anything, so you will need to book in for a screen replacement. iPhone Screen Replacement, Samsung Screen Replacement, Huawei Screwen Replacement, iPAd Screen Replacement.

If the phone is totally dead not vibrating or making any noises then it is either a logic board fault or battery faulty or possibly a charging port fault. None of these can be fixed by the customer and so you will need a mobile phone repairer like Repair Not Replace. If it is a corrupted app or software that has gone wrong try to connect your mobile phone to a computer, for iPhones to iTunes and for Samsung to Samsungs software.

2. Battery Issues

All mobile phone batteries tend to become weak over time. You can only charge a battery a certain amount of times, called cycles before they are exhausted. There is a small chance a battery can just die, normally however you would see your battery not lasting as long, when you see this ask a repairer like Repair Nopt Replace to come out to you and replace the battery. Sometimes the battery will show a high percentage and then drop rapidly, this can be a sign that the charging chip or power management chip is faulty, however this can also be a symptom of a bad battery, there is no way to tell ,so it is always worth having your battery changed by a mobile phone repairer.  iPhone Battery Replacement.

Furthermore, the battery might not get charged if there is dirt in the charging point. Use an air duster to blow out any compacted dirt at the back of your charging port. Never stick anything into the charging port as you can damage the pins in the charging port. If you have wireless charging you should try and see if you can charge your device this way, this will confirm that the charging port is faulty and you can have it replaced

3. Boot Looping Or Stuck At Logo

Boot looping is where the mobile phone will start to urn on get so far, turn off and then start to turn on again, the process keeps repeating. Sometimes it will turn on and get stuck at the Apple or Samsung or Android logo. Depending on what is causing this problem, if it is a glitch then connecting your mobile phone to iTunes foir iPhones can resolve the issue. Sometimes this is a symptom of a poor battery and so a new battery may resolve it. Other times this issue is a logic board fault and cannot be resolved. Many mobile phones have a recovery mode, you can search the internet for how to put your mobile phone into receovery mode fgor your specific model and try this.


4. Camera Not Working

When the camera stop working on your mobile phone, try turning it off and on again. If that fails there is not much you can do other than have a new camera fitted. Repair Not Replace can offer a repair and replace the camera on your mobile phone. Bear in mind if you have a cracked camera lens, it is usual that the camera will be scratched as well ,as normally a camera and camera lens will be needed. You can book your reepair with us. Mobile Phone Camera Replacement. iPhone Camera Replacement, Samsung Camera Replacement.

5. WiFi Or Data Issues

The reason that mobile phones and tablets are so popular is because we can get onto the internet. This is a fundamental requirement these days of smartphones. Try resetting the phone, if that does not work have a look in settings for reset or reset network settings where you can reset all the settings without deleting your data. If this fails then you need to wipe the phone, erasing all content and settings, remembering to back up all your photos first and then set up your mobile phone as a new device. If you set it up from back up you can be bringing the problem back again.

6. Water Damage

As soon as you get your mobile phone out of the water you should turn it off and not charge it. If you are able to take out the sim card tray you should do that and let it dry. Do not put it on a radiator or use a heat source like a hair dryer as this can cause more damage, leave it to dry. Additionally we would not recommd you put your mobile phone into rice as you can end up with the rice stuck in the charging port. You need to call us out as soon as possible, as it is not the water but the impurities in the water that ause corrosion and we need to clean off this corrosion but it leads to short circuits. Book a water damage mobile phone repair here.

7. App Freezing / Crashing

Sometimes, some apps will get corruptred or freeze or just become out of date. You should only download apps that you trust and only from iTunes or Google Play. If it is an old app, the users might try to update them. This can be quickly done through the App Store Or Google Play Store

8. Broken Mobile Phone Screen

Broken screens are very common and this is quote a simple repair but you will need to book in to see a repairer. Accidents do happen, and mobile screens do get shattered. At Repair Not Repolace we will come out to you and replace the screen on your mobile phone in less than 1 hour. You may need an iPhone Screen Repair, Samsung Screen Repair, iPad Screen Repair or Huawei Screen Replacement. All are actually replacements.

9. Touchscreen Issues

Sometimes, the touchscreen might not be responsive or work. Users can restart the phone and see if that corrects the problem, if it does not then it means the touch has gone in the screen and you will need a new screen.

10. Bluetooth Issues

Most mobile phones have a small bluetooth antenna in the phone that recieves the signal, whilst it is possible to replace these, as these are just a small piece of metal they cannot really go wrong and so normally it is the logic board that is at fault. The first thing to do is to switch the mobile phone on and off, if that fails, once you have backed up the phone you should wipe the phone clean and set up as a new phone, as if you set up from a back up and it is a software issue you will put the issue back on, iuf this works you know it was a software issue. Another simple trick is to put your mobile phone onto airplane mode if you have one and then back again and see if that corrects it, also turn off and on the bluetooth setting.

11. Speaker Not Working

If this is a loudspeaker make sure that the volume is turned on and the phone os not in do not disturb mode. Then if you have voice memos, this is useflu for iPhone, record a voice memo and play back, if the iPhone lets you you know it is aspeaker issue and not a logic board issue. You can very gently clean the grills of the loud or ear speaker but do not stick things into the grills as you could damage your phone. If that fails then you need a speaker replacement which Rewpair Not Replace can do for you.

12. Microphone Not Working

Check voice memos, see above and see if you can record a voice memo, as this will tell you it isnt a logic board fault. You can gently clean the microphone, which is usually a small hole, but do not stick things in it. You can also try these,

  • Cleaning Your Microphone
  • Disconnect all Bluetooth devices
  • Make sure that nothing is covering the microphone
  • Disable the noise cancellation on your phone
  • Allow access to the microphone for third-party applications
  • Disconnect all hardware from your iPhone
  • Reset all the settings on your iPhone
  • Update your phone

If that fails you will need a replacement, most of the time, but do check with us the microphone is on the charging port so you would like for a charging port replacement.

13. Phone Overheating

An over heating phone could be a battery that is faulty, if the heat is near the battery area or could be a short circuit on the logic board, You should ask for help if your mobile phone has this problem, do email Repair Not Replace or call us on 01604 385100.

14. Phone Lost Data Or Unable To Backup

Make sure that you have switched on your back up service and selected the things to back up. Usuall when a back up fails it is because you have run out of data or space and so you need to pay to add more space which you can do from within the phone.

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