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iPhone Parts

Our iPhone parts are high quality after market parts, these are not made by Apple. We only buy high quality parts to ensure the quality you are used to you get with your repair. We only buy from professional suppliers.


On some iPhones, the screen you will have will be an OLED screen. On some models we offer these as well as the cheaper LCD variant. We are often asked is it worth paying for the OLED screen? For most people you will not be able to tell the difference between high quality LCD and OLED screens. If you were to put two iPhones together, one with an OLED screen and one with an LCD you will be able to see a slight difference.

On a few models we can now get genuine Apple screens, this will have Genuine in the title. We have to order these in and get some information from you to do this.

True Tone

We are not able re programme true tone on any of our screen fittings. This should not be a problem for most people.

iPad Parts / Screens

Our iPad parts are high quality after market parts, these are not made by Apple.

Samsung Screens / Parts

We only fit genuine Samsung screens, it will say genuine in the title. For all other parts including batteries they will be high quality after market parts, that are backed up by our warranty.

Huawei Screens / Parts

We fit genuine Huawei screens and it will say genuine in the title, you can also get aftermarket Huawei screens and parts, including batteries.

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