Our repairs are covered by a 12 Month Warranty as standard. (Unless specified otherwise)

All warranty repairs and issues can be organised by booking a warranty repair below. After 14 days we do ask for a refundable deposit to send a van out, if you prefer not to pay a deposit we can arrange to collect your device and look at it in the office for free.

We only use quality parts and skilled technicians, so it is very unlikely that you will have any issue with our repairs. We cover all manufacture faults, but not customer damage (drops, cracks, screen bleed, water damage).

If you would like to read the warranty in full please use this link https://repairnotreplace.co.uk/legal.

Our 12 Month Warranty

  • Covers you for a manufacture fault in the part we have fitted
  • Covers you against us doing the repair incorrectly.

Our 12 month warranty does not cover

  • Customer damage
  • Water damage
  • Cracks, impact damage
  • LCD broken, but not glass (Black screen on working phone). Wide black lines on computers.
  • Dirt or debris in charging ports
  • Lines on the phone
  • Touch not working caused by physical damage to the touch.
  • Screen bleed caused by drops, broken lcds (looks like ink blots)
  • Another part causing our repair to fail
  • Someone else opening up your device
  • Home buttons when transferred with a screen replacement, 30 days only.
  • Back covers on Samsung, Huawei etc. 30 days only.(Glue / back covers can only come away from drops, being in pockets rubbing, rough handling it is the third most popular repair we do).
  • Home buttons where the button has been pressed too hard. Home buttons are covered for 30 days only.

If you would like to send a photo for us to take a look and give an opinion please do email info@repairnotreplace.co.uk


Have a look at these photos of issues that are not warranty issues (Not exclusive).

LCD Damage

broken screen mobile phone

LCD Damage

broken screen mobile phone

LCD Damage

broken tablet

LCD Broken (Will make noises)

black screen

LCD Damage

broken mobile phone

LCD Damage

broken iphone

Touch Damage (no touch)

touch not working

Screen Damage

broken laptop

Screen Damage

broken macbook

LCD Broken

broken laptop

Please remember our warranty only covers the part we have replaced we do not cover other parts that we have not replaced.

We do not cover any customer damage, cracks, ink blots (broken lcds), broken lcds, water damage, you would need to claim on your insurance for this, as the manufacture will not take them back.

Apple Repairs

You will get a message to say a non Apple part has been fitted for 4-5 days each time the screen wakes, then in settings for 15 days, this is because you are not having it done with Apple. Quite normal.

With a battery, you will not see battery health / information and it might say service or it will state non genuine part for any screen or part fitted, only Apple can re programme this, but it will be a new like for like or better part will have fitted and all is fine. You have a warranty for 12 months.

Apple want you to do it with them and so do not allow anyone else access to this data. You can also help by joining the right to repair – https://therestartproject.org/right-to-repair/

We do ask for a refundable £29.99 deposit after the first 14 days to cover some of the costs in the event it is not a warranty issue. It is refunded for all warranty issues.

If you do not want to pay for this, as per our terms and conditions we can arrange to pick up your device for free and take a look in the office and send it back to you, please use the post in repairs button below to arrange this.

Important – After 14 days if you do not want to pay a refundable deposit for the van service, we offer a free collection service, use button below.

If your repair was a post in repair or we collected it and returned it to you, please use the following buttons to book.

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