Our repairs are covered by a 12-month warranty.

All warranty repairs and issues can be organised by booking a warranty repair online. You may be asked for the IMEI number of your phone or your warranty card or receipt as proof of purchase. We only use quality parts and skilled technicians, so it is very unlikely that you will have any issue with our repairs. If you do, we like to be clear and transparent and so details of our warranty are below:

    • Our warranty covers the parts and repairs (with screen replacements, we will not cover the screen if it gets cracked again, only the work, quality of the repair. We cannot be held responsible if the phone is dropped again. Cracks and scratches, water damage on screens are excluded from our warranty no matter how they came about)
    • The IMEI number of your phone needs to be the same as when the repair was done. (We cannot cover you if you give away or sell your phone. The warranty is for you only.)
    • If you move home you need to be in an area we cover, if not you can post us your device for repair. We will pay the return postage.
  • If another fault causes our repair to fail you are not covered (any repairs to water damaged phones are excluded from our warranty) e.g. Water damage or the phone being dropped. Customer damage is excluded from our warranty. Our skilled technicians have the final say on this.
    • Should the fault not be caused by us and we find this out when doing a warranty repair and it is deemed as customer damage/fault you can agree to pay for a repair or the device will be returned un repaired.
    •  Repair Not Replace cannot be held responsible for any phones lost in the post so always get a proof of posting. Package carefully as we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in the post. Once it arrives we will look at it the same day (where possible.) If it is a warranty issue we will repair and post back to you (if in an area we cover), if it is not we will ask you to pay the return postage (£3.99-£9.99 depending on size) before posting back to you. Or you can pay for a repair and we will drop your phone back to you. Should you not wish to pay the return postage we will hold the device for 14 days.
    • If you are no longer in an area covered by Repair Not Replace then for all warranty issues after emailing we will ask you to post the phone or tablet to us.
  • We mark all parts with a UV marker and add a water indicator sticker to the parts; if the water indication sticker has changed colour or the parts are no longer marked (i.e. not the same parts) then the warranty is not valid.

Data Secure

At Repair Not Replace we promise that all your data will be secure. Furthermore, as your device is being repaired at your location, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your data is safe. (Sometimes, with some repairs, data will be lost so we do advise you back up your phone if you can. Please trust us, however, that we constantly endeavour to avoid losing your data.)


Your Data is Secure