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Mobile Phone Repairs In Northampton

We offer Mobile Phone Repairs In Northampton. Replacing the screen on your iphone costs a lot less than you think and much cheaper than buying a new iphone. We can replace the screen on your iphone in Northampton.

We are a specialist mobile phone repairer, and we can offer mobile phone repairs in Northampton using our mobile phone repair van. Our mobile phone repair van is a custom workshop on wheels, and allows a technician to fix your mobile phone outside your home or work in Northampton.

We have a growing reputation for mobile phone repairs in Northampton and this is down to the quality of the parts we use and our trained staff. We will only fit the highest grade of professional/genuine parts we can get. Your mobile phone will look like new after we have repaired it. It will not have washed out colours, and low brightness, it will be as good as new. We also fit the water-resistant seals back on mobile phones, where applicable as standard, we find many of our competitors do not do this. if you are looking for a mobile phone repair in Northampton then please book online or call us.

When we are doing a mobile phone repair in Northampton, we will complete the job in less than 1 hour whilst you get on with your day.

Not in our area. You can post in your repair to us, we will send you a postpack and we will repair it and send it back out to you same day.  Click Here for more information.

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Repair Not Replace – The Phone & Gadget Paramedics can replace the screen on your iphone in less than one hour in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford. iPhone screen repairs which are actually a replacement can be done outside your home or work. We can offer you a cheap iphone screen repair with a quslity part. We come to you in Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Bedford.

It does not matter what iphone you have, it might be you are looking for an iphone 7 screen repair, iphone 8 screen repair, iphone x screen repair or an earlier iphone like iphone 6s screen repair, we do screen repairs / replacements on all iphone models. We also do iphone screen replacements on iphone xs and xs max and iphone 11.

We only fit professional parts and not cheap copies, your iphone screen will look as as good as you had it when new.

We do an iphone screen repair we guarantee that repair for 12 months, we don’t cover it if the phone is dropped again, as physical damage, water damage and pressure damage are not covered, what is covered is if the screen fails through a manufacturing fault, or if we did the repair wrong. It is unlikely you will have any problem but our 12 month warranty is there to give you peace of mind.

We are asked a lot which screens do we replace the most? iPhone 7, iphone 8, iphone x and iphone xr screen repairs are the most common. We are happy to do any iphone screen repair, and fitting your new iphone screen means you can keep using your iphone and you do not have to throw it away.

We also repair Samsung mobile phones, we can replace the screen on your Samsung s9 plus or S10 / s10 plus or S20. We can still fix a Samsung mobile phone in under 1 hour and use genuine parts so your Samsung mobile phone looks like new. We cost a lot less than Samsung as we have lower overheads but we are still able to fit the same screens.

If you have a problem with an Apple Macbook / Macbook Air / Macbook Pro / iMac then we can help. We can replace the screen, replace ports, and get your Macbook working again. If you are looking for a quality Macbook repair then please contact us or book online.

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Repairing your iphone instead of buying a new one means you are helping the planet, and it is not just the materials used to make your iphone. These materials have to be mined and some are in scare supply so this drives up prices. There is an environmental impact to this mining, then there is making the additional materials needed, this creates much co2 as well as other by products that damage the environment. Repairing your iphone and keeping it just one extra year will reduce the co2 impact by 28%, even more if you keep it longer and your new iphone screen replacement should last for many years.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to ring us for free on 0800 047 2047. We love to answer your questions, and no question is to small so please do ask.


We also offer a Free Diagnostics Service, you can book this online, so if you are not sure what is wrong with your mobile phone or tablet, let us come to you and we will give you a quote, there is no obligation to have any work done, but if you want some work done there and then we will do it (depending on other repairs booked).

Our iphone screen repair service, can be booked online, just follow the link from the home page or click here www.repairnotreplace.co.uk. 

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*We will replace your iPhone or Samsung screen and give you a warranty on the repair for 12 months.

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