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Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the new website


Welcome to the new website. Over the next few weeks more functions will be added, but we thought you would like to see the new website as soon as possible. Whilst it is exciting doing mobile phone repairs in Northampton and mobile phone repairs in Milton Keynes it is also exciting to have a shiny new website.

You will have noticed that myself and Kyle are now on the home page, so sorry you have to look at us, but the feedback was as the faces of mobile phone repairs we should be on the website.

We are working hard to make the booking process easier for you, and we will be uploading lots of new photos very soon. As you know as well as mobile phone repairs across Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and Bedford where we come to you, we also now buy broken Samsung Mobile and Apple iPhones. We also buy working, but we love to repair your mobile phones so we love to get broken ones even more so.

We will be busy with the website for a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean we won’t keep up our networking across Northamptonshire and very soon we will be visiting Milton Keynes Business Club to do some networking there.

If you are a business including a sole trader, don’t forget you can open a free business account with us and put all your mobile phone repairs and tablet repairs through your business. We offer itemised billing for your mobile phone repairs and full 12 month warranty on everything we do (unless you opt for our 3 month warranty).

Have a good look around the website and keep coming back over the next few weeks as we add more functions to the website and don’t forget if you need a mobile phone or tablet repair outside your home or work book online and we will come to you.

Mark, Kyle
Repair Not Replace

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