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Author: m jones

What Can Be Repaired On A Mobile Phone?

Is it just screens and batteries? The answer is no. As well as doing many mobile phone screens and batteries we also do the full range of repairs. You can replace the charging port on most mobile phones and tablets. We also see ear speakers...

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What is the most reliable mobile phone?

We are often asked what is the most reliable mobile phone? Or what mobile phone goes wrong the least? Which mobile phone should I buy? So over the last few months we have been tracking enquirers into Repair Not Replace as well as our repairs...

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Speed Up A Slow Computer

How To Speed Up A Slow Computer (Windows) Delete programs you never use Limit how many programs run at startup But how can you tell what programs run automatically at startup? Sometimes this is obvious, because the program adds an icon to the notification area on the taskbar,...

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How to back up your iphone to the cloud

Backing up your iphone is very important, and something most people regret when their iphone gets broken and you cannot get back all your photos and videos. Having the iphone back up your data regularly, automatically for you is something you should turn on and...

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Why Is My Mobile Phone Hot?

Why is my mobile phone hot? There can be many reasons why your mobile phone is hot. Some are quite innocent and others not so. Your mobile phone at times will get warm and some heavy usage is fine, but if you notice it getting hot...

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How Can I Use My Smartphone More Effectively?

  How Can I Use My Smartphone More Effectively? When working at home or on the go, using your smartphone more effectively can be helpful. Here is our top tips to do this.  Organize the apps on your home screen, putting the apps you use most frequently...

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